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Our Mission

"Kine" in Greek means movement or motion. 

At MyKine Fitness, we believe that every individual has their own sets of movement which they will excel from and works best for them.

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, an athlete recovering from a knee injury, or a mom who just gave birth, our mission is to help you find your movement.


Client Testimonials

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I met Migma suffering from a sprained back injury and needing physical therapy. I wasn’t as active as I’d been in the past and definitely needed help getting back to a healthier me. Migma’s expertise in physical therapy helped recover and strengthen my lower back without the need of orthopedic surgery. Even during my recovery process, Migma began slowly integrating core and endurance training to further my goal of a healthier me. His personal approach and attentiveness to wellness goals, fitness and diet, allowed him to help me in ways that go beyond just working out in a gym. Migma has and continues to cater my workout program via app and personal sessions, to incorporate challenging but enjoyable exercises that are fun and rewarding. In the three months that I’ve worked with Migma so far, not only does my back feel great, I’ve lost weight without starving myself, I have more energy throughout the day and feel stronger and healthier. If you want life changes without completely changing your life, Migma is that guy.

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